Facebook’s Flash, a new alternative to Snapchat?


The best way to show you’re disturbed about a competitor is to copy their product and attempt to do it better than the original. Facebook is obviously worried about Snapchat, because it’s created three Snapchat clones over the past few years. Now it’s got another one called ‘Flash’, aimed at come out markets.

But this time Facebook is trying something different: Its new app, Flash, was built by Facebook’s growth team specifically for emerging markets where Wi-Fi is scarce and connectivity is weak.

Facebook is trying to beat Snapchat to emerging markets, where it doesn’t already have a stranglehold on potential users. Facebook may not be able to win over American teens this late in the game — Snapchat already has 60 million daily users in the U.S. and Canada. But what about those in Brazil? Or Indonesia? Or India?

If teenagers in Brazil can get a lightweight version of Snapchat (Flash) that doesn’t take up much data or storage, perhaps they won’t need Snapchat at all. At least that’s Facebook’s hope.😆

Facebooks Flash

  sending a picture

Facebooks Flash

the face filters and masks.

Facebooks Flash

choosing who to send to.

Flash launched on Tuesday in Brazil, but Facebook ‘hasn’t decided’ where it will launch next. That’s corporate speak for ‘we don’t want to tell you our plans.’ Nevertheless, we have the APK for you to try out over at APK Mirror. I’ve had a look, and as you can see from the screenshots, it is basically Snapchat but with Facebook blue.



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