New Hike Update : Everything you need to Know!

Hike has created a big hype about its new latest hike update! It says, “Change The Way you Chat”. Let’s see what exactly they have changed / developed new!

So first when you update and open the latest new hike! You find out that there has been a drastic change in the main home page!

Home Page much more like iOS

If you have a look at the home page, you may find it similar to the latest iOS update’s UI. Yes, with all those rounded corners it looks just like that!

Also now you have an option to change the theme i.e. the overall color of your Hike! Not only chat themes. Yes you see.. INNOVATION!!

Lot more has been added in the Hike Update let’s talk about it.

Stories .. and Timeline

Well, it feels like when you swipe left Hike just takes you to Instagram. The User Interface of Hike stories is way way way similar to Instagram. With the stories on the top and “new story” button on the top left corner. And rest of the screen filled with those annoying status updates!

Although you cannot go live! or do a boomerang! That would be too much of copying!


Chatting Interface

Hike not losing it’s originality, still has option to hide chats, change chat themes, and full of stickers!

Now there are some NEW THEMES! And it also allows you to convert any text message under 20 characters into a STICKER! I mean wow!! What an useful feature. Also the typing animation has changed, now it shows a small circle profile picture and some dancing dots! Again “Instagram”.

The “Me” Tab

This page also gets some high end innovation, with all new design and different layout of Profile Picture! I am so overwhelmed with the level of innovation I am going to skip this part ! Sorry! I cannot review the “Me” tab!

The Final Verdict

All hike has done is revamped its user interface, made it more colorful and customisable, and did nothing what actually needed to happen! You cannot change the way we chat by changing the colors on our screen. Here are the things that we think Hike should actually work on instead of making things more colorful.

  1. Bring Hike Web!! It’s a long time now!! All of the things you can copy, let Web Chatting be one of it!!
  2. Improve on your Chat Assistant! I suppose Hike was the first chatting app to come with an Assistant (“Natasha”). All these years passed by! And not a single big hike update on the Assistant! The world is moving towards AI, it’s about time now.
  3. It’s 2017, robots and machines are taking over humans! And we still can’t change our notification sound! People are landing Rocket on a ship! and we still can’t change the notification sound!!
  4. Starred Messages? With the great feature of nudges and stickers, it is really easy to loose important messages in group chats! Maybe Adding a Star with those colors would be good!
  5. I’ll let Natasha do the Talking!!

hike update

That’s it for the day! Share if you think you agree! Comment if you don’t! Let us know what you think.



Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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