From Quantum Particles to Infinite Space : Ever wonder how Scientists Record sounds that we cannot Hear?

sound recording in space

Human ears are only sensible to sounds which has frequency of 20-20,000 Hz ; and some of us can only tolerate sound until 16-17kHz.

In fact humans are evolved only to experience a limited spectrum of sound whereas our universe has a lot to tell us… yet we cant hear ;-/

Basically the sound is nothing but just a vibration which creates imbalance in the medium where its source is located …So, medium is necessary here..
You knew that? Okay!
But how come in the space which doesn’t have any medium , still has sound ?

sound in space techbotinc

So, every vibration there is , there exists a corresponding sound to it!
what we basically do is we monitor these vibrations which we capture using certain instruments to visualize the vibration of the thing which we desire to listen to the sound of …

The next thing is , we replicate these vibrations OR in other words we try to match them or observe their frequency and after certain processing performed on them , we are able to convert those vibration into their equivalent sound or let’s say frequency.
In case of the sun precisely , in 2010 researchers from UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD (South Yorkshire , England) monitored the vibrations via satellite images! These vibrations were made because of the huge electromagnetic loops(aka coronal loops) on outer periphery of the sun … which they visualized in form of visible vibrations or frequency afterwards sped up their frequency in order to make them audible to human ears.
The research was basically done in order to understand the result of the chaotic activities of the coronal loops on the Earth.

recording sound quantum particles techbotinc

Same principle of visualizing the vibrations in to the existence , works for the quantum particles such as Higgs Boson too !

higgs boson sound recording

If we collide protons or nucleus of Hydrogen atom 20 million times per second or sometimes even much more than this , then there’s a chance for us to have encountered with the Higgs boson so they’re the most basic of Quantum physics yet.

As we keep colliding the atoms ,there obviously is a lot of energy in the field of boson and so when they’re generated finally they contain a lot of vibrations being the smallest of all the particles which we have found yet.

Higgs boson is also characterized by the constant frequency generating ,
which means it generates a sound which can be heard anytime when higgs boson is casted into existence.

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