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google play credits

Buying Apps from the Google Play store has been kind of a desire for everyone! Finding a perfect application for your requirement & then realizing you have to pay for it! is just so not good. But don’t worry! With this Free App, you will earn money (“known as Google Play Credits”) just to spend on the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards, is a survey application from Google that pays users for answering basic questions that Google wants to know about from you! And just by answering few questions you will get paid in terms of Google Play Credit!

This helps Google in collecting data from very remote locations from the real wold users! Which it can use for the development of it’s Artificial Intelligence and Search quality.

What is Google Play Credit?

Well, it’s Money in your Google Play account, that you can spend just on the Google App Store, also known as Google Play Store.

Now the very next question that would arise is…

How much will Google Pay Me?

To start off with, Google will give you Rs.10 for your very first survey. And then you will be notified when there are other surveys available for you! It might take a week or so to get to your next survey! Also depending on the type of survey, rewards may vary accordingly!


How To Download Google Opinion Rewards?

1.) Head over to the Google Play Store.
2.) Search for Google Opinion Rewards.
3.) Install and Register with the App.
4.) Answer whatever Google Wants to know, and earn Google Play Credits!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead download the app and start earning/saving for the app that you always wanted to buy, but were hesitated from buying it!

Link to Download the App

>>Google Opinion Rewards<<


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