Download OnePlus 5 4K Wallpapers

Now on OnePlus 5 sale goes on Amazon Exclusive. If you can not afford to buy flagship then you can download OnePlus 5 Wallpapers feel your phone as Flagship.

All new OnePlus 5 stock wallpapers are taken from Artist Hampus Olsson personal blog. It’s use his blog to tell the story of new abstract wallpapers, Which draw inspiration from macro photography.

I thought I would experiment with macro photography this time, together with my dad, who was currently visiting me in India. We got a bunch of plastic containers which we started pouring acrylic, ink, and mediums into. We captured a bunch of photos of the fluid mix, while it was changing pattern quickly. Many of the photos could be used in various ways, like being wrapped onto 3D surfaces, or mixed to look like hot lava and cold winds to complement the final artwork. However, most of these photos weren’t used. Instead, I created a more refined and subtle style that was developed to fit the style OnePlus was looking for with this phone.

The final artworks have a greater focus on the individual shapes, blending into its surrounding, barren environment. The focus became the centerpiece, which is abstract, yet easy to grasp. I love how these wallpapers turned out, and I will experiment with this style more extensively in the future.

Olsson’s site also offers all seven OnePlus 5 stock wallpaper for sownload in 4k or 2k resolution. you can also get the Never Settle Version of each wallpaper from his site. This wallpapers look great in any AMOLED screens. You can download all seven Wallpaper form following Drop Box link.


Hampus Olsson

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