Apple finally announced the latest iPhones (iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X). Here are the devices that are the future of smartphones which comes with a truckload of superlatives. we are here to talk about whether to buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

It seems like Apple announced these two iPhones (8 and 8 Plus) to justify the iPhone X(Ten) and its whopping price tag of $1000(Plus tax).


Apple broke the tradition of 2 year cycle of full refresh to its iPhones after continuing it for eight years straight. Apple released a improvised version of iPhone the year after it released the brand new one. The iPhone timeline was as follows: The iPhone 3GS followed the 3G, the 4S followed the 4, the 5S followed the 5, the 6S followed the 6, and so on. But these ‘S’ upgrades had one marquee feature. For the iPhone 4s the marquee feature was Siri, the iPhone 5s came with Touch ID, and the iPhone 6s came with the 3D Touch. Apple even proudly embraced that fact in an advertisement.

Did Apple lost the innovation? Did Tim Cook and his team make the smallest changes possible to step ahead the capabilities of its phones so the money would keep rolling in?

These three iPhones are not going to fail for sure. I still expect Apple’s annual sales to be hundreds of million handsets. Sales will remain steady, the faithful and the loyal will upgrade for another product cycle and everyone stays quietly inside the walled fort of the Apple Store. No risks are taken, the money keeps coming in, and everything is as predictable as cake. We all love Apple and we all love iPhones, I just wish there was more vision, innovation and bravery instead of safety-first business decisions.

What’s new?

This time the most noticeable feature of iPhone 8 / 8 Plus is the widely accepted Qi wireless charging standard. Everything else that’s different — better performance (obviously), improved speakers, marginally better cameras, marginally improved display, and fast-charging support( depends)( I will get to that part) — is deserving of the ‘S’ designation that Apple has appropriately used in the past eight years.

Now to the part of the fast charging support, Apple does not include the fast charging adapter in the box. Yes, you read it right. You have to buy it from Apple Store costing from $50 dollars all the way upto $80. Also, you have to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable which is not included with the $50 dollar adapter. So what’s the point of higher price of this year’s iPhone versus the last year’s iPhone price when released?


Apple officially confirmed that it is keeping the 2014 design of the iPhone 6 for the fourth straight year with the iPhone 8. But this time with a glass back so your phone now can be broken from both the sides and so you have to buy the AppleCare protection along with it. AppleCare protection costs about $150. Can you imagine buying a four year old design with minimal upgrades over the last year’s iPhone 7 for about roughly a thousand dollars with AppleCare protection?

These are the last 3 generations of iPhones

The same big fat bezels around the screen which are laughably large already in 2017, going into 2018. What excuse is there for Apple to at least trim those bezels a bit.

The technical specs for iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 are as follows:

iPhone 8 iPhone 7
Screen 4.7-inch LCD 4.7-inch LCD
Display 1334×750 (326ppi)
1334×750 (326ppi)
Aspect ratio 16:9 16:9
Rear camera 12MP, f/1.8, OIS 12MP, f/1.8, OIS
Front camera 7MP, f/2.2 7MP, f/2.2
Chipset Apple A11 Bionic
Apple A10 Fusion
Storage 64/256GB
Battery Not stated 1960 mAh
Waterproof? IP67 IP67
Fingerprint scanner? Yes Yes
Face/Iris scanner? No No
Headphone jack? No No
Data port Lightning Lightning
Wireless charging? Qi No
MicroSD slot? No No
Dimensions 67.3×138.4×7.3mm
Weight 148g 138g


See the difference? I am not saying that you should not buy any iPhones. If you have an iPhone 7/7 Plus, then I suggest you to stay with it if you are thinking of upgrading it with the 8/8 Plus. And if you are willing to buy an iPhone this year then instead of spending this much on these phones, I recommend you to go for iPhone X. It is easy to caught up in the excitement of the new iPhones, but if you take a step back and have an honest look at the new devices, you’ll quickly realize that the iPhone 8/8 Plus and possibly iPhone X (depends) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


If you’re exclusively an Apple user, the iPhone X is the best device you can buy — just know that there are a few compromises that come along with it. And seeing Apple’s previous success, Apple should have no trouble selling a truck load of these things.

Do you agree or disagree?


Dhrumik Sharma

Dhrumik Sharma, is a gadget savvy who loves to review new gadgets and geekiness is his passion | Tech enthusiast | Geek | Smartphone lover.

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