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Dear WhatsApp!!

Dear WhatsApp,

We are writing this article to make you aware and draw your attention to some of the drawbacks of your tremendously successful application used by people in every corner of this globe- “WhatsApp”. Mainly we would like you to focus on these points.

First : Image Quality

Poor image quality: Since last 2-3 weeks, getting a good picture in WhatsApp camera or forwarding any image has become like trying to straighten a dog’s tail. It compresses the picture so much that the other person is hardly able to figure out what’s in the picture especially when one sends a text image.

Second : Status 

The trending feature in every app i.e the story option. Is it even necessary for WhatsApp to keep a ‘status’ feature? WhatsApp was and always will be the best app as in a messenger but it was known for it’s originality and now by going with the status feature, it is losing it’s concept as well as it’s purpose.

Third : Group calling

Group calling is the kind of feature which will make WhatsApp very essential and it will provide the users ease to have group discussions, group video calls, conferences etc.

Fourth : WhatsApp Web

Coming to WhatsApp web and WhatsApp security, there are a lot of local and global applications which provides access of anyone’s WhatsApp account to anyone who scans the security code of a particular account. That way the confidential information can leaked as well as a person loses his/her privacy and data security. This problem can be resolved by adding a pin by the only account user every 24 hour to keep his/her account safe and secure.

Fifth : Group Messages

It is a boon for people. But then it is also irks a lot when a person opens a group chat to find a bulk of messages. In such pile of messages, sometimes even an important message gets unread or unnoticed which turns out in minor loss and at times even a major one. So, if there’s a feature like “pinned message” which is only provided to a group’s admin should be added. It should be provided only to the admin so that the other members don’t misuse it and misguide anyone. This kind of peculiarity can upgrade the level of the application.
Please ​consider these suggestions for the betterment of the application as well as the utility of it in the better way.

Rhea Christian

Rhea Christian is presently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Engineering. Like to being Critic for Tech Stuff and Research in Technologies.

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