CES 2018 : Seagate, Corsair, Asus and Sony

1. Seagate’s 2TB portable drive at CES 2018

CES 2018

At CES 2018, The company launched a product called LaCie DJI Copilot.The DJI FLy Drive offers 2TB of storage. The company says that should amount to around 65 hours of 4K,30fps video footage and around 20,000 RAW photos.There is a built in screen that you can use to copy or transfer files to an SD card, and a paired with his app lets you watch video playbacks in full resolution without plugging into a computer.The DJI Copilot will cost $349.

2. Corsair releases a new wireless mechanical keyboard

ces 2018

On the first day of CES 2018, Corsair announced a new range of wireless gaming peripherals, including a new mechanical keyboard and a mouse pad charger hybrid. The KT63 Wireless Mechanical keyboard with the classic Cherry MX Red mechanical keyswitches. The keyboard uses 1ms 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection or wired USB connection to join with PC. It has 75 jours of rechargeable battery life.It costs around $109.99.

3. Asus’ Chromebox 3ces 2018

At CES 2018, Asus launched new Chromebox 3 with having USB Type-C and Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor.This device supports dual-band 802.11ac WiFi and gigabit LAN.

4. Sony’s new MDR-1AM2 headphones

ces 2018

Sony’s at CES 2018 launched new MDR-1AM2. It doesn’t add any fancy extras like the 1000X’s noise canceling.Inside the 1AM2 is a newly developed 40mm audio driver that contains an aluminum-coated liquid crystal polymer diaphragm.The MDR-1AM2 will be available this spring for a recommended price of $299.99.


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