Apple will launch the iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen next year

According to Kuo, Apple may launch next year a 10.5 inches of iPad Pro, as well as a low-cost version of the 9.7-inch tablet.Kuo also reports that the iPad will follow the iPhone in adopting OLED technology screens starting in 2018.

The analyst also said that he expected the two iPad Pro will be used A10X application processor, this exclusive foundry TSMC processor manufactured by using 10-nanometer process. The low-cost 9.7-inch tablet, will be used A9X processor may also be exclusively manufactured by TSMC.iPad-Pro-1Here’s Kuo’s iPad lineup:

If the iPad comes in a larger size, such as a 10.5” model, we believe it will be helpful to bid for tenders within the commercial and education markets. As a result, we expect Apple to launch a 10.5” iPad Pro in 2017. In addition, we estimate the 12.9” iPad Pro 2 and 10.5” iPad Pro will adopt the A10X processor, with TSMC (2330 TT, NT$177.5, N) being the sole supplier using 10nm process technology. The low-cost 9.7” model may adopt the A9X processor, which is also exclusively supplied by TSMC.

If you want to implement a major upgrade to Apple’s Tablet PC, obviously it can only be arranged in 2018, but the industry generally believe that the continuous shrinking of the tablet.

iPad fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the brand new 10.5 inch iPad, 12.9 inch iPad Pro.Apple is also preparing major changes when OLED screens reach the iOS lineup.


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