All you need to know about ANDROID NOUGAT 7.0

      There had been a long wait for Google’s latest Android update that is Android N. Google asked the users to vote and suggest the name o Android N. So many suggestions were received world wide making Android Nutella and Android Nankhatai one of the most suggested names across the world. But it seems like Google has named Android N close to which it thought. The official name of update Android 7.0 is Android NOUGAT.

hw5uj62xo93duxzlqmf3For the first time google gave developers a very good gift by releasing the preview version and the alpha build two months ago than announced. Android Nougat’s developer preview was released on March 9 and has been tested worldwide by the developers. The preview is available only for google Nexus devices and can be downloaded from here.

A total of four developer preview versions of Android 7.0 were made available by Google.Lets take a sneak peak into the latest Android Nougat.

1. The basic user interface is no different than its predecessors Lollipop and Marshmallow but the internal features have a lot of noticeable changes. The notification bar is  now customisable and   the icons of the flashlight, WiFi, brightness, bluetooth and many more which have a prominent  place in the notification bar can be now customised by the user  according to his priority.

split screen2.  There is a provision of the all new Split Screen meant for multitasks. The user will be able to use two apps simultaneously without a need to swap over the apps.  So be it your gaming along with chatting or watching video along with another app for reading bot the processes would be on the same screen with  a dedicated screen size which will be allocated by the user. some of the apps are not yet ready for the split screen mode which will be ready by the time official OS upgrade is aired.

Android-N-freeform-windows-mode-840x4723. The doze mode is also improvised  and another new feature which arrives is the Freedom window mode which allows the user to resize the size of windows and use more than two windows at a time, a similar thing can be seen in the Remix OS.

settings menu4. The settings menu is changed a little bit with a few more additions and a totally new feature of settings in the slide bar is introduced. And the status of each setting is shown below the name. Eg. if bluetooth is paired with your PC it can be seen under the name of the Bluetooth option, no need toped the bluetooth menu and see the status of the device.

5. The appearance of the notification bar is a bit changed. Now the users will be able to receive the notifications in bundles. But the new appearance off the notifications is too clumsy as there is a very less space kept between two successive notifications.Thus there are chances for complications in that area.

6. The dark theme of android was removed in the Marshmallow update which was one offnotification bar the most disappointing things which happened. Good news Android lovers… The dark theme has returned along with Android N with s new name of Night mode. Another thing which is added is that the user can now set his emergency information which will be displayed on his lock screen

7. It is rumoured that there will be some special features in Android N for the phones with stylus especially Samsung Galaxy Note series. The password protected apps will have a smart password integrated with the google account and there will be an integration of  support for the Chrome OS and Android.notif

8.  There is a new feature which seems to be very useful that is the users will be able to reply the received messages, emails or other platform messages directly from the notification window. Thus no need to open the whatsapp or messaging app while surfing on web, you can directly place a reply from the notification bar.

Android-N-emoji-1-840x4729. The latest set of emojis has been updated in Android N which features Unicode 9.0 emojis. The vulcan 3D rendering API also draws the attention.

Google-Keyboard-themes-version-5.1-3-840x56010. The keyboard layouts are available in various new themes. with a version of google keyboards 5.1. The system user interface tuner is updated and now the users would be able to change the RGB tinge and set the screen tinge according to their preferences. So no need to use the apps like Twilight furthermore.

11. To toggle between two recently used apps, ago we used to go to recent apps and then switch over but the feature has now been improvised to the best extent , now google will understand both the frequently used apps and you will need to double tap the left button and the apps will swap over, this sets a perfect example of understanding and improving the user experience.

google-allo-and-duo-main12. Google is also releasing its new messaging app ALLO and DUO which will be available on playstore in Q3 2016. Also comes with an artificial intelligence which suggests users to what to answer according to the conversation. e.g. If a group discussion is going on about a meet up at the nearby restaurant, then all will suggest up names of all the nearby restaurants, the availability and the cuisine speciality. This will be a next step forward in the AI.

android-n-emergency13. Google’s assistant GOOGLE NOW is great and works like charm. But google is introducing new ASSISTANT.

Now coming over to the bugs caught in the developer previews, the most commonly noticed were voicemail crashes, NFC starts after one time screen unlock and many more.


ANDROID 7.0  will be available for different devices at different time intervals.

  • All the nexus devices will have the latest Android by Q3 of 2016
  • HTC 10 will get updated Android in Q4 , December 2016
  • Blackberry devices in Q2 of 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy devices in Q1 of 2017
  • Huawei devices in Q4 2016

Thus most of the users will be getting the update as a christmas gift. The much awaited Android 7.0, the Android NOUGAT is great so far, hope that the users will find the updated features of much help.


Image Courtesy: Android Authority


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