Android N is Officially Called Android Nougat 7.0

Google told us a while ago that we could expect a big release every year.Android N will be called Android Nougat.Google has finally taken the wraps off of the sweetest snack-themed name for Android N.Google’s Android N update is now well into its beta life. Plenty of Nexus users handsets have been road-testing the OS for a couple of months now.

Android Nougat

Nougat will bring a redesigned notification panel, support for side-by-side appsVR enhancements, and a ton of other improvements.The company has ideas about how it can solve fragmentation in its platform, but these are just ideas and it will still be quite some time before we see any advancements in this regard.

You can see the video below, which is the unveiling of the Nougat statue :

Android N was known internally as New York Cheesecake and during the I/O keynote, users were invited to suggest names for Android N.

Google decided to gracious us all by releasing the first Android N developer preview on March 9, two full months earlier than expected.Android Nougat will be available to download to older Nexus devices soon after and other flagship Android devices will get the upgrade toward the end of the year or early 2017.The final Android 7.0 Nougat release date has been confirmed for Q3, 2016.

Android 7.0 Nougat release date

This is the Android N update schedule for Nexus:

March: Android N developer preview 1 (alpha)                   
April: Android N developer preview 2 (beta)
May: Android N developer preview 3 (beta)
June: Android N developer preview 4 (with final APIs and SDK)
July: Android N developer preview 5 (near-final build)
August/September: Final Android 7.0 AOSP build

Samsung Android 7.0 update



Samsung has consistently been rubbish at getting Android updates out in a timely fashion.t took Samsung five months to sort out its first Android Marshmallow update last year, for instance. Android Marshmallow launched on September 29, 2015 and Samsung pushed its first update out to the Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy owners could easily be waiting until early March 2017 for the first Samsung Android 7.0 update.

BlackBerry Android Nougat Update


BlackBerry was VERY slow with its Android Marshmallow update.The company is more focussed on securing Google’s platform and refining the overall experience of using the software on its current PRIV model.


Huawei Android Nougat Update

Huawei-Mate-8The Huawei Mate 8 arrived with Marshmallow on board in November, just weeks after Google had made the update available for Nexus devices. It was also one of the first handset makers to get an Android Marshmallow phone out.This puts Huawei in very good stead, as it is confirmed to be updating its Mate line at exactly the same time this year.

HTC Android Nougat Update

HTC 10Android Marshmallow landed on the HTC One M9 in December,2015 just two months after Google’s official release. The HTC 10 arrived in April running Android Marshmallow out of the box.If HTC follows the same path this year,the HTC 10 will be rocking Android N by December,2016.

LG Android Nougat Update


As HTC, LG has been pretty good with its Android updates the company was the first, save for Google, to get a carrier version of Android 6.The first Android Marshmallow update landed on the LG G4 just two months after official release.The V10 and G3 accordingly got the update in March,2016.

This means we can expect that Android 7.0 update for LG G5 in December,2016.

Sony Android Nougat Update

sony-xperia-z5The Sony Android 7.0 update could arrive as early as the start of March 2017, around the same time as the first Galaxy devices.This prophecy is based on the Xperia Z series.

So we can expect that Android 7.0 will comes for Sony devices five months after official release.

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