Android 7.1 Developer Preview announced

Yes, you heard it right! Android 7.1 (NOUGAT) has been officially announced, and the developer preview is coming by the end of October.

According to an official post on the Android Developers Blog, this will be an incremental update that will introduce new support for things like Daydream VR, A/B system updates, app shortcuts, and image keyboards. You’ll also get things like more metadata for wallpapers.

Jumping straight to 7.1 would seem to imply fairly large changes, because Marshmallow never even made it beyond 6.0.1.

nougat 7.1

It was announced that 7.1 would be arriving on Pixel devices when they hit the market, but that the software wouldn’t be available to other OEM’s until the end of the year. Now Google is making it available by the end of the month, much closer to the release date of the Pixel. It’s possible that Google might be attempting to play nice with their new competitors in the Android ecosystem, as well as dissuade accusations of non-competitive practices.

What do you think about it? Check out the official announcement post here.


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