Laptops and PCs are now a ubiquitous part of our life. These devices are different in terms of portability but more or less a we know the functionality remains the same. These devices are driven by the processor sitting in the heart of the CPU. The number of laptops and desktops are increasing gradually day by day, but u will be surprised to know that the companies manufacturing the processors for these laptops are only two in the whole world. YES you heard that correctly, Intel and AMD are the only two bigheads in the market right now with a 99% of market share.

Both these companies are in a cut throat competition with each other right now, but this all began when intel gave its dye of X86 to AMD for manufacturing the processors. Back then AMD was only in the graphics processor business. But after the X86 chip permissions, amd started to soar the market with its new add ons along with the X86 chip. AMD was the first one to introduce the multi-core CPUs. Till then intel used hyperthreading (virtual core) for multi cores.

bristol ridge techbotincBut despite of all these, AMDs chips have been highly power consuming and low in terms of performance as compared to intel chips as seen in the bench-marking reports. Professionals generally tend to prefer intel more than AMD because of intel,s performance capabilities.

This was the scenario till now, but now the red devil has came back with its new BRISTOL RIDGE series of CPUs, which will bring in an ample amount of competition along with it for intel. This time around, both the Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge APUs pack AMD’s Excavator core, which will be paired with AMD’s Radeon R7 graphics cores on the FX and A12 lines; AMD’s R5 graphics on the A10 and A9 lines; and R4 and R2 graphics on the low-end A6 and E2 series, respectively.

bristol ridge techbotincComing to the power consumption section, all these new APUs will be consuming 15-35W power, same as intel’s 6th gen skylake processors. The A9 chip will be in direct competition wilt intel’s Core i3 chip breaking the grounds in entry level computing. The company will now be focusing more on its notebook processors than the desktop processors.


The Bristol Ridge APUs (Fx, A12, A10) will be supporting DDR4 RAM of upto 2400 MHz and will be coming with Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling (AVFS). AVFS enables what AMD calls the “optimal operating point” for a given mix of power and performance, theoretically allowing the chip to operate at its maximum speed but at a minimal voltage.

bristol ridge techbotinc

The Stoney Ridge APUs will be slightly slower, with support for 2133MHz memory. These Stoney Ridge chips will be having a clock speed of 1 GHz more than its previous Carizzo chip. AMD is positioning the A9 chips against the Intel Core i3-6100U. And its A10,A12 and Fx series against Core i5 and i7 respectively. In the benchmarking, the new A9 chips came out to be 52% faster than the previous A8 chip.

bristol ridge techbotinc

Both the chips will be supporting the HEVC(High Effeciency Video Coding) H.265 which are the new video standards in the market right now. And along with that it will also support H.264, 4K and 1080 HEVC decoding. For promption, it will be selling gamez at a discounted price such as dirt rally, Btman 3 and many more like what OEMs do.

                     bristol ridge techbotinc                  bristol ridge


Coming to the release of these chips, Dell recently announced that its new Inspiron 15 5000 series notebooks will be rolling out with these new Bristol Ridge chips and a Radeon R7 graphics card. HP also announced its new laptop with this Bristol Ridge chip in it.

Hope this time AMD APUs really perform well as claimed by the benchmarking reports, thus, the Bristol Ridge chip will be a combination of power packed performance with an affordable price. One more good news AMD lovers, AMD ZEN CPUs announced, review coming soon!!!

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