Is Airtel 4G Really the Fastest Network of India?

Nowadays, Airtel has been bragging about it being India’s fastest 4G network, as declared by Ookla Speedtest services. Many questions have been raising after this advertisement. So, today we will see on what basis exactly does Airtel does this advertisement.

Who / What is Ookla?

Ookla is a world wide internet speedtest service provider, it allows you to test your internet’s download and upload speeds.

With a large database of different speedtests of different broadband and mobile network service providers, Ookla declares awards every year, for different countries stating which network was the fastest based on the speedtests that users conducted from different areas of that particular country.

Is Airtel 4G really India’s fastest Network?

According to the results of Ookla’s speedtests in 2016 and average of those speeds. Airtel 4G had the highest download speed in 2016. Here is the list.

airtel 4G techbot inc fastest network

As it can be seen Airtel leads Jio by 1.29 Mbps in download speeds, but on the other hand

Jio actually provides higher upload speeds than Airtel. Also consider that these awards are based on the speedtests conducted in duration of year 2016 and not in 2017. We are not trying to say that Airtel 4G is not good and you must buy Jio. All we are trying to do is clarifying the facts, that you might not get to see in the Advertisements.

So, we might have made it clear that by this advertisement, Airtel is just trying to create a hype and there is not really a great difference between most of the 4G networks available in India.

Including this, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone have also been advertising many ads against Jio indirectly talking about FREE INTERNET vs theirs.

We think that these kind of tight competitions are a must for the development and enhancement of technology which will in turn help developing our country. So, instead of criticising each other’s services, these companies should focus more on developing their own performance and customer satisfaction.

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