At IFA 2016, Acer recently launched two laptops contradictory to each other in terms of thickness and size. It introduced Acer Swift as the world’s thinnest laptop, beating up HP Spectre, which was till date the thinnest laptop in the world. Where as the later one is Acer,s PREDATOR X21 gaming series laptop, claimed by the company to be the thickest laptop ever.


Acer is trying to keep over with its peers by launching various models of monitors and laptops under the name of Predator series, this one seems a leap further. According to acer, this is an ultimate gaming beast,. No doubt, but you will only think the same until you don’t know the specs and its configurations.

Predator X21 is the world,s thickest laptop approximately 2” or more, even more more than alienware. The USP is that it has got a curved Quad HD screen. The screen size is 21”, which is quiet the size of a normal desktop monitor and yes its curved, this is the place where acer has been trying to push the boundaries.


Predator X21, comes with an intel i7-60XX series processors, with a maximum of 64GB DDR4 RAM. There will be 2 Nvidia GTX-1080 graphic processors backing up the high end graphics. The storage will be customisable as per the requirements of the user.

There is a 21” curved screen, but what is disappointing is that its not 4K, but its a Quad HD. Coming over to the mst disputed spec of the X21, is its WEIGHT. This beast weighs 17.6 lbs which will roughly be around 8 kg. Seriously!!!


More over this, it is having a total of 5 cooling fans and a n internal cryo cooling system, but these heavy things are fed up on heavy power supply too, thats the reason it has got two power supplies.It can hold upto 5 storage drives at a time too.

The keyboard is having a backlit RGB, with the mechanical Cherry MX keys. Which the gamers are more comfortable with. There is an eye tracking camera, which makes things go pretty easy for gamers, to aim at. There are four speakers (Dolby Surround) and two subwoofers.


Acer is currently rolling out X21 with Intel’s 6th gen processors, but we can expect the 7th gen processors powering the beast by the end of Q1, 2017. The pricing starts from $5000, which roughly costs you around INR 3,50,000.


Thus, Predator X21, looks good for gamers, but is it really a laptop which you can carry over every where in your bag. This monster has got serious weight issues!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.23.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.23.54 PM


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