Welcome to TechBot Inc. Today, gadgets have become a religion, a way of life. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are an extension of one’s personality. From a shower that will play your favourite tunes and a chimney with internet capabilities to switching on your AC through your mobile and operating your window blinds via your tablet — technology has seeped into every room in our homes and offices. But, what if you get stuck with the wrong gadget? Or worse, a gizmo that you did not understand? That’s where we come in. To give you nothing but the best information from the world of technology.

TechBot Inc. will bring and produce no-nonsense gadget news, previews, comprehensive reviews, how-to’s… and a host of other well researched stories in an easy-to-understand language. The same semantics are charted at Techbot Inc., so you feel right at home. Forget confusing gadget jargon, our job is to decode tech, bring forth its hidden attributes, give you a complete picture with comparisons, provide you with the latest products and provide you all the ultimate reviews.

TechBot Inc. is the one-stop shop for people looking for technology advice before buying a new tech toy.


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