The most inevitable thing in the world which has been constant since ages is CHANGE. Things tend to change, some change slowly some adapt it quickly. It has always been the later part for the tech industry. Things change here even before people become acquantious to the previous one.

DFGDF    Coming over to the topic of discussion, 4k UHD TVs were introduced almost two years ago making an impact over the sale of 1920 x 1080 Full HD TVs. The 4k resolution consists of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is double the resolution of full HD tv.

We are barely emotionally attached to the existence of 4k and companies introduced 8k TVs. Tech giants such as LG and Samsung have introduced their 8k TVs. Samsung is planning to launch its 98” bezel free 8k resolution screen which it will be calling SUHD.

SDGS     LG is also not behind in the race planning to release its new curved screen 98” 8k TV in the second half of this year. The resolution of these 8k TVs will simply be double than that of 4k TVs. The resolution of 8k TV will be 7680 x 4320 pixels.

UntitledThe image quality would obviously be overwhelming and so would be the price and the file size of 8k video content. The pricing of these products is not firmly declared yet but it will be around $130,000. Along with all these the major setback these displays will be facing would be the less availability of 8k content. And even if 8k content is available, the speeds provided by the ISPs will not be able to stream them at a desirable bitrate.

Thus these are the things which need to be taken care of, but as it has always been, any new technology in screens gets easily adapted by in the market, so will the 8k screens. Waiting for them in late 2016.





Image Courtesy: Will Lipmann



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