5 Tips to take Good care of Your Phone’s Battery Life

Battery is the heart of any electronic device, it pumps energy in each and every part of the device. Hence, proper charging of your smartphone is necessary for maintaining the health of your battery, and ensuring better battery life and safety in the long run.

Simply plugging your phone in as soon as you get home and leaving the charger on until you leave in the morning is not the right solution. As there are lot of different advice available on how to charge your phone, NDTV decided to get you pro tips about your phone’s battery life from the people who built it. Here’s what they told :
1. Avoid overheating your Phones
Overheat is the worst enemy of most smartphone batteries. So, you should avoid keeping your phone on the dashboard of your car where it will get heated from the direct sunlight. You should also avoid playing games while charging your phone at the same time, as it raises the temperature and harms your phone’s battery.

The ideal charging temperature for charging is phone is 20 to 30 Celsius, according to a OnePlus Product manager.

2. Avoid Using you phone while Charging
Not only while playing games but in general, you should avoid using the phone while it is charging. Charging while using the phone is known as Parasitic charging and it is quit damaging. “Small amounts of usage load stop the battery from entering a full charging cycle, and damages it,” says Xolo.


3. Avoid Using Fake Chargers
One of the most important things, Use only the company’s own chargers. You should be more concerned about it if your phone has quick charging feature. According to Xolo, high capacity chargers can charge your phone upto 70% quickly, but are equally harmful if the process is not properly optimized.

battery overnight charging

“Using higher current than specified reduces charge retention capacity of battery cells in the long run. Hence, using any third-party chargers for quick charging is a strict no,” the Xolo R&D team tell us.

Really, if you can buy a phone worth 20,000/- or 50,000/- it’s makes no sense to use a 50/- charger and risk your phone’s battery life.

It could damage your phone or even cause actual injury. Apple had a third party charger trade-in program to make sure that their customers use only original chargers.

4. Avoid 0 and 100
There is no need to charge your new phone fully for the first time, since it is usually charged when you get it, according to the OnePlus product manager. Also it is not compulsory to charge the battery up to 100 percent all the time. You can just start using and put it back in charging when battery runs low.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you should wait till the battery goes to 0%.

“Don’t let your battery fully die if you can avoid it,” says the OnePlus representative. “I recommend charging it when it gets to around 10 percent charge left. This lengthens the life of the battery.”

5. Avoid overnight charging
Overnight charging will probably not damage your phone, there is a chance that it is hurting your battery life, and since you don’t need to have the phone at 100% at the end of each charge, you better unplug it at night.

battery overnight charging

“Once the smartphone battery voltage reaches its capacity, it automatically cuts off charging,” says Xolo. The OnePlus product manager agreed, saying, “It’s ok to keep your phone plugged in after it’s already fully charged. It won’t hurt the battery.”

However, he also added, “Since it’s not great for the environment, I still recommend unplugging your phone when it reaches a full charge.”

Also, according to Xolo, while there is no practical problem with leaving the battery plugged in, “in theory, charging battery to 100 percent everyday increases percentage of ageing.”

Some Personal Advice : 
At the end of the day, batteries in general have only a finite life-cycle and you can’t save their life indefinitely. Following the tips provided above will help you stay safe when using the phone. Aside from these, here are some small things you can try.

Make sure you’re using the phone’s power saver app. Almost all Smartphone manufacturers install similar apps on their phones, and you should definitely enable it.

Being an apple fan, this article cannot end without mentioning this – Apple’s battery guide mentions that if you plan not to use the device for longer than six months, you should charge it to 50% every six months. This is something you should do regardless of the brand of the device you are using.


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