4 Clever Ethernet Cable Tricks

For the internet the predominant way to get files from one computer to another computer was to mainly save them to some sort of storage device and take them to the other computer this was known as sneaker net and it wasn’t until Vint Cerf AND Bob Kahn developed a file transfer communications protocol (TCP) that computers were able to directly communicate with each other. Modems then allow these digital communications to be converted to analog and transfer through existing phone wires very similar to help early Telegraph machines worth eventually they evolved into the standardized and digitized Ethernet cables that we know today but in aged of wireless communication these retro pieces have computing history are becoming more and more obsolete let’s give them the sin of they deserve by hacking some new life into here’s have standard Ethernet cable works

Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn

In each there a wires like the phone cable which only has six. This is a standard way in which Ethernet wires arrange but as long as the color arrangement on one and matches the color arrangement on the other and you should be fine. These wires it then aligned in fitted into a connector called registered Jack 45 (RJ-45) connect when referring to Ethernet cable show sometime hear terms tossed around like cat-5 cat-5e cat-6 these Teams are for day how insulated the wires are from interference and how fast they can transmit data So

Ethernet Cable


Whenever an Ethernet cable is connected to a computer that computer science each of these wires transmit or receive protocols these remaining wires are used unless you have gigabytes connection. Now, this topic connection is standard on all computers if you took a single Ethernet cable and plug one end into one computer and the other end into a different computer they will both be able to send data but neither one can receive it but what if on one end as the cable you swap the transmitting and receiving wires this would allow one computer tosend data while the other one would be able to receive this type of the cable is known as CROSSOVER CABLE and its often used in IT environments whenever you want to communicate with another computer without using a router a switch or the Internet okay

Ethernet Cable Ethernet Cable

 HACK #2 Crossover Combo Cable

As I mentioned before in networks other than gigabit networks only two pairs of wires to being used for Ethernet cable so what can we do with these extra wires where you could run another Ethernet connection through them to do this first connecting the Ethernet transfer and receive wires to another cable is normal but separate out these extra wires then connect those wires to any new Ethernet cables transfer and receive wires now in business use this will allow you to connect to multiple networks at the same time without having to install two network cards in your computer as for home use most people normally don’t have multiple networks but crossing over these cables like we did earlier can make a pretty sweet looking straight slash crossover combo cable.

Ethernet Cable


One thing to keep in mind when using the excess wires have a network cable is that the more data you have flowing through a cable more opportunities for interference this can cause as slower or more unreliable internet connection

Hack #3 USB Extension

Alright now you know that most Ethernet cables only used half their wires you can use the remaining four wires for most any other purpose is to have a functioning Ethernet cable one perfect example is USB because USB cables use exactly or wires to hook this up line each color on the Ethernet cable to match a corresponding color on the USB cable and make sure that your repeat this exact same alignment with the cable opposite end you might be thinking that this look stupid and who would use it I think about it like this if you haven’t Ethernet connection running through the walls of your house you’ve now created a USB extension cable that can run two walls

Ethernet Cable

Hack #4 Transmit Power

Aside from data can these wires also transmit power well yes but obviously have to be very careful with it please do not do this hack unless you’d be a familiar with voltages and the dangers that they can cause this type a setup is known as power over Ethernet (POE) the its use cases to run power to routers and switches that are close to any other power outlets the set of principle is the same as the USB hack you can take your power cable on cut it in half and connect the plus wired to wanted the extra twisted pairs in the Ethernet cable and connect the minus wired to the other here repeats this exact same combination to opposite and of the cable then where we need to run the cable two you don’t have to worry about whether is an outlet there or not hopefully these hacks make you see the standard old network cable in New life

Ethernet Cable


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