10 Things you don’t know about Unbox Therapy

I will be going over ten things you may not know about Unbox therapy.

Unbox therapy for those of you that don’t know is a channel that displays cool new tech products every day.

The channel’s popularity has recently sword and now has over 5 million subscribers.

Let’s get right into 10 things you probably didn’t know about Unbox Therapy :

  1. About Lew:

    Unbox Therapy is founded by Lewis Hilsenteger. He was born in Canada on 5th May, 1984 making him 32 years old today. He now currently lives in Toronto, Canada is married and has one brother and yes I know the channel is currently ran by two people however Lew is the only one to show his face.

  2. How it started:

    Lew started Unbox Therapy when he was working in a small computer repair shop. The shop focused solely on upgrade for Apple computers. He realized that the conversation he was having with people that came into the shop asking questions could be answered really well in videos and this got him started. Lew saw a business opportunity in the unboxing side of Youtube being a tech guru himself. He was already into buying new tech toys, when he started doing unboxings, he originally was going out of pocket on everything and would simply film his reaction and give his two cents about the product. All of this out of the pocket purchasing eventually paid off for as he is now able to open cool new things everyday for a living.

  3. Attended art school:

    Lew attended the Toronto School of Art where he studied digital arts photography and video editing. This helps Lew very early on his Youtube channel as he constantly kept trying to improve his production quality with this obsession on production quality. Unbox Therapy has evolved the professional yet funny feel it has today and is now the largest tech channel on Youtube.

  4. Jack:

    As I mentioned earlier Unbox Therapy is actually currently ran by two people, Lewis and another man named Jack. Although Lew is he only man you see on camera, Jack appears to help in all aspects of channel management because jack has never actually appeared. Many fans of the show have made little conspiracies that Jack doesn’t exist. However, recently Jack’s voice has appeared in more videos and fans are now eager to see him. A petition on has even been created petitioning for the reveal of Jack. However, noting that the decision is ultimately up to him because Lewis is cautious to add more people to his production. It appears Unbox Therapy will continue as just him and Jack for quite some time.

  5. More top five:

    Although it’s been nearly a year now since his last upload. Lew used to run a channel that has over 350,000 subscribers and at the time of recording this video over 7 million total video views. This is not the only alternate channel Lew won as he also owns an account called Lew Later, a channel that consists of Lew pretty much spreading his philosophical music and whatever else he feels like sharing.

  6. and Lew teamed up with, a company that allows people to send a box of cool things to their fans every quarter. Lew use this to allow his fans to be the unboxers and send cool new gadgets to all of his subscribers.

  7. Bendgate

    When iPhone 6 first came out you remember one question being asked “does it bend? “, This entire thing became known as bendgate with Lew being the man behind it all. Lewis was one of the first people to get their hands on an iPhone and he made a video showing that the iPhone could in fact bend. Lew’s video is called the iPhone 6 plus bend test and would go viral gaining 68 million views and would be lose first experience on how far channel has come.

  8. Every reaction is honest:

    While this not be a surprising fact, Lew pride himself very highly on having honest reviews and unboxing has no preparation in order to protect his reaction excitement that he feels has become a very important aspect behind his videos and personality.

  9. Youtube growth:

    Youtube growth in the last 30 days Unbox Therapy has seen over 600,000 new subscribers. This is the largest month in terms of growth into channel’s history and is accompanied by over 90 million views. To put that into perspective Unbox Therapy has gained an average of about 850 for subscribers every hour and about a 125,000 views.                                                                                                                                                                    unbox therapy unbox therapy unbox therapy

  10. Net worth:

    All of this Youtube growth has equated to quite a financial gain for Lew and according to the sources, Lew has an estimated net worth of 1.9 million dollars and nothing appears to be slowing down anytime soon.

And that was 10 things you didn’t know about Unbox Therapy.

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